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Main » 2012 » June » 30 » Welcome to Bert's CK Tutorials
Welcome to Bert's CK Tutorials
First a bit of an explanation on my aims for this site!

For the last few months I've been modding Skyrim with the very user friendly Creation Kit and posting my mods on the excellent SkyrimNexus
and every now and then I'd be asked to explain how I did this or that and replied in the private messaging service that site provides, but i thought that, seeing
as how i've now done a few but only the people I post them to can see them, maybe it was about time I put something together that everyone can get at!
So here we are! Now I've only just started messing with web sites so please bear with me as I learn exactly what it is I'm doing and at first I shall be posting
(only slightly) cleaned up versions of tutorials I've already done for people, but as time goes by I'll be adding more and cleaning up what's there and eventually
rearranging it all into a more structured site, so don't be surprised if things get moved around quite a bit at first!
I also want to eventually do an entire step-by-step to create something along the lines of a personal hunters cabin so by the end you should be able to create
your very own home base in your very own style with all the comforts and tools you could want at your disposal!
Then I'll be heading into building levels such as dungeons and crypts, creating companions, basic scripting, you get the drift.
So there we are! If there's anything in particular you want to see there's a forum board with an area for that plus another for discussing other (probably better!)
ways of doing things! To post on the forums you have to register, but if you just want to leave a comment there is also a guestbook for that!
Whether in the forums or in the guestbook, keep it clean! I will ban people who don't play well with others!!! This includes trolling, overly bad language and posting
too far off topic, which is Skyrim modding tutorials obviously!

If you want to see the examples of some of the tutorials results why not check out my mods!

Bert's Breezehome Cellar
Adds an open (no loadscreen) cellar to the original Breezehome

Bert's Breezehome Remodel
Completely replaces the original Breezehome with a new home more fitting for the Thane of Whiterun

Bert's Breezehome Garden
Adds a new garden grotto called Dragonsreach Grotto to Whiterun that can be used as a standalone or connected to the original Breezehome
and is included as an option in the installers for both Bert's Breezehome Cellar and Bert's Breezehome Remodel

Well, that's it for now!

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