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Adding To Levelled Lists
The Easy, Safe Way!

This is a tutorial plus script to add pretty much anything you can think of to the levelled lists in the game without modifying the list in the CK and thus overwriting items added to the same list by another mod.
Of course, should another mod do this and be lower in the load order your additions will still be overwritten! The B@st#rds!
Heh, only kidding! We can only work with the tools available, so here's a new tool so you can have as many mods as you like add goods to the same levelled list and none will ever be overwritten!

You can get the scripts on my Nexus resources page Bert's Bits And Bobs and in it you'll find 2 versions of the script, _001_SCRPT_Add2VendorsLists &
_001_SCRPT_Add2VendorList_Advanced. (Yes I know the script says Vendor lists but any Levelled list will work! I've also added actors, ammo & soul gems to the scripts since making this tutorials pics.)
The standard version is for standard items available from the beginning of the game whereas the Advanced version lets you dictate at what level the player must be before your items become available.
More detail of the Advanced version is at the end of the main tutorial.

To start with you will need something to add the script to, for now I'm going to use a pile of rocks. You can place your object almost anywhere in the world you like,
though I suggest a worldspace rather than inside a cell. You can use pretty much any object you like, later on we'll even take a look at the pro's of using an apple!!

As you can see I've plonked my pile of rocks (RockCairn01) near the crossroads just North-East of Whiterun, next to the meadery.

Now double-click your object to open it's options and in the <Scripts> tab hit <Add> then in the new window that opens locate and double-click the script
_001_SCRPT_Add2VendorLists to add it to your object.

Now, for the purposes of this tutorial I've created a new dagger called Fine Edged Steel Dagger and slightly altered it's damage and cost.

I've also located the levelled list I want my dagger to be added to, in this case LItemBlacksmithMinimum.
This particular list is one that all blacksmiths have use of and has no player level needs, so even a level 1 player will be able to buy my dagger from the
beginning of the game. (See Advanced below for further info on setting player required levels.)

And to finish I've created a message, set to auto-display for 2 seconds which will be shown in the top left corner of the screen when the mod is first
run to inform players that new items have been added to the game, this is not mandatory and if you do not want the notification just leave the message
setting empty. If you are using multiple "rocks" each with a copy of the script so you can add more than 10 of a particular type of object only place the
message on one, not all!

Back to the rocks and I've selected the script and hit <Properties>, selected the first option, _001_LeveledList01, hit <Edit Value> at the top-right of the
window and located the levelled list I'm after in the drop-down box, LItemBlacksmithMinimum.

Do the same for the next option for the message you created if you want one shown.

Then scroll down to the object type that you want to add and there are 10 slots per object type for you to place what you want added to the list.
For this tutorial I've only created one dagger, so thats what I've added to the weapons section!

You can add any amount of any of the item-types to any list though for some lists you will probably want to stick with one type, the type choices are:
So, for instance, if adding goods to an apothecary you can add both ingredients and potions in the same script!
If I've missed anything let me know and I'll update the script!

Click OK all the way out and save your mod then head in-game to try things out!

Advanced Version

The Advanced version of the script has only one other setting but also, the levelled list you are using MUST use the setting "Calculate from all levels <= PC's level"

This part of the levelled list dictates at what level the player must be before this lists goods are available in-game.
You can then set the Advanced scripts setting _SetLevel to ensure the items added to the list are not used until the player has reached this level.

And finally we come to the reason for the apple.
Though this script's "footprint" is minute it will be run every time the game loads, check whether it has ran already and if it has shut itself down.
To remove even this tiny footprint you can place the script on something, like an apple, in a very blatant place, such as on the barrels outside Warmaidens,
then tell your users to eat the apple!
Remember to un-tick <Respawns> on the apple then, once eaten, no more script! As clean as clean can be!!


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