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Statics - Quick & Simple

Ever wanted to make an object in the game static but either don't know how, can't be bothered
or just don't have the space to unpack the BSA's?
No problem! Just follow this guide and you don't need to!

To start with you need to check whether you have a "Meshes" folder in the game files. Using
you file-manager/windows explorer etc. browse to the game files and check for the meshes folder
in your main "Data" folder, if it isn't there you'll need to make it.

Now head into the CK and find the object you wish to make a static from, I've gone for a Dwemer pot!

Next, right-click the item and select "Edit"

Now at the bottom of the new window that opens you'll find a box called "Model", this is the info
you'll need to duplicate in your new meshes folder, in this case "Clutter\Dwemer\DwemerPot01.nif".

Start by creating the folders.

Then create a new txt document and rename it using the objects .nif, in this case DwemerPot01.nif

Now back in the CK go to the Statics list and create "New"

Give your new static a recognizable ID,

And in the "Model" section click "Edit"

And edit again.

Now using the "Look In" drop-down box find your fake .txt .nif and select it and click "Open"

The game will now default to the models inside it's packed BSA files and show you what you've got!

Now click OK all the way out and drag your new static into the render window.

Almost done! Now all you have to do is save your mod, close the CK and delete the fake .txt .nifs
otherwise you'll get huge ! marks in-game because the .txt doesn't really hold the model info.
Once deleted the game and CK will always use the original models, but your ones will be static!

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