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6. Ascocrist   (28/10/2013 15:09) E-mail
I might be seen as a noob, but i searched a lot, but couldn't find: how can i get my hands on CK?
Thanks in advance smile

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5. December   (29/06/2013 21:58)
I am loving the tutorials. I always wanted to make my own meadery/ restaurant in Skyrim. I will register. I would love to seen a tutorial that will show me how to have gold placed in a strong box every so many hours in game when my restaurant is open or closed. I want a business like the Ciderhouse Restaurant mod on steam and Nexus, but I want to make my own restaurant. biggrin

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4. bleakraven   (27/05/2013 14:28)
Awesome tutorials biggrin Thank you!

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3. stuart goddard [berticus0001]   (05/03/2013 10:09)
Whadya know, no messages in here for months, then I don't check for a while and someone posts! Heh!
The register button is inside the Log In area, just hit that and you'll find the Sign Up button at the bottom!

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2. Michael RW   (12/02/2013 05:54) E-mail
I love the idea of having CK tutorials. Im a relatively new modder (I do it mostly for myself, havent released anything publicly yet) and i often find it difficult to find good information on the best way to get things done in CK. I hope this site can continue to grow. I also couldnt find the link to register here, thus why i am using the guestbook instead. Anyways, thanks for your work and effort.

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1. stuart goddard [berticus0001]   (01/07/2012 15:54)
This is the guestbook, got something to say but don't want to register? Then say it here! biggrin


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