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veruvirDate: Sunday, 26/08/2012, 05:46 | Message # 1
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I was looking at finding the CK app, but it appears to only be on steam.
Theres a cool little mod for called RTS which allows village creation in a really basic way, but I was really hoping to make something really fun to play.

I'd like to do a village or castle but in a cool gamified way, paying cash for upgrades is so unsatisfying.

So I was wondering if you might take requests, or know someone who does.

Basically a centrally located village between morthal and dragonsreach (absolute middle for those using temperature and sustenance realism mods, where travel time affects health levels)

I think it'd be cool to have a town (for those who played Suikoden) where you do quests to upgrade things. Where you have a town guard and this can be bolstered with quality npcs.

it would be like

-contract missions : where you go and do business deals with mines/mills around skyrim to regularly supply your village.
(to start ability for shop keepers to sell)
(contract renegotiable/upgradeable so your shopkeeper has more spare cash) - for shops, for guard armour upgrades, for wall fortifications/newly-built-and-manned-guard-turrets.

-npc missions : where you seek out and persuade people to come to your village and live/work, to man stalls or be guards /train guards (boosting guard health or stats +5...etc).

- external threat missions : where upon guard upgrades, a local bandit camp come to try and steal an artifact/monument in a constant capture the flag mission (they ony attack whilst they do not have the flag item).

I think the real issue to most mods is they come to easy, so the rewarding part where someone can appreciate your mod and not feel like they are cheating is if there is a suitable game element and where they dont upgrade too much too fast and keep just above surviving and never at god model (until fully complete perhaps).

Perhaps this is a bit of a tough task. I'm not familiar with coding and such so I just really am interested in the game and upgrade element. (there was a nice castle mod called Riverhelm however the voice acting killed it and it was way way too full on and big)
Forum » General Chat » General Chat » Requests? (just putting it out there...)
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